You need:

  • cleaning tools
  • water
  • screwdriver

How to check rain gauge when it doesn't work properly:

  1. Check if the opening for the rain is free and not blocked due to insects, dust, leaves or twigs and

    wipe with a clean cloth to remove coatings.

  2. Check if the mechanism works smoothly. The whip should be clean and free from contamination and tip over easily. As there is opening on the bottom side for rain to drain off, birds, spiders or other animals can make nests inside the rain gauge, causing the rain gauge tipping mechanism to stall. User should check for this and clean it when needed. 
  3. Check if the rain gauge is levelled (bubble indicator).

  4. Verify that the rain bucket is not moving with the wind.

  5. Check if the mechanism works accurate, to test this please read Testing the rain gauge accuracy 

  6. Calibrate the Rain Gauge

  7. If the rain gauge doesn't work correct although you tested point 1 to 5 please write a Ticket.

It's also possible to add a rain gauge protector to the bottom of the rain gauge to prevent birds and insects from building nests inside

Order number LoRain: 100467 

Order number iMetos 3.3 µMetos: 100466

To protect the rain gauge from bird droppings you can add a bird protection crown. 

Order number: 900191