You need: USB cable, Boot jumper, Windows PC

What does the Windows Pc need? 

USB driver must be installed on the PC. USB driver can be downloaded at (use your Fieldclimate credentials to login). For all the other operative systems please download it at

Install the tool PI Firmware uploader (please find attached the file PI-FW-uploader-1.12or download it at


To manually upload the firmware on the station, please follow the given next steps: 

1. Unplug the battery and solar panel.

2. Plug in the USB cable and set the Boot jumper (red circle). Make sure that there are not other USB cables connected to your PC.


3. Plug in the battery (blue circle).

iMETOS 3.3 motherboard


iMETOS ECO D3 motherboard

4. Check that the station is in boot mode and install the tool PI Firmware uploader (please find attached the file PI-FW-uploader-1.110 or download it at Yellow LED in the middle is on (see figure below). If the station is not in boot mode, press Reset button on the board.


6. Open the program Firmware uploader:
    (1) Click “Select FW” and select the correct firmware binary file Firmware_iMetos3.3_8.503.20190429.binary (for iMETOS 3.3) and Firmware_iMetosEcoD3_1.503.20190429.binary (for ECO D3).
    (2) On “Device” select the correct device.
    (3) Select the correct COM Port. If it is the only one device connected to your PC, COM port is detected automatically.

(4) Click “Open Port”


    (5) Click “Upload FW”.


 (5) After “Firmware successfully uploaded”, the board automatically restarts and starts communication with the web. Wait until the first communication ends “>> Success”.

As soon as you see the message “Firmware successfully uploaded”, you’re done.

Note: Leave the battery connected for 24 hours. Connection with the server will be established after a while.

     (6) To leave the boot menu/boot mode click “Close Port”, remove the Boot jumper, remove the USB cable and press reset on the board.