To update the Firmware of a station you need:
1. Pessl Instr. Firmware Uploader (FW Uploader)
2. mini USB cable to connect the main boards to the PC or Notebook
3. jumper (jumper RM2,54)
4. latest version of the Firmware (FW) for the main board

You can download the FW here:

Click HERE to download the Firmware  

You can download the FW Uploader here:

PI FW Uploader 

For more information or help please read Download PI FW Uploadein our solutions.

To manually upload the firmware on the station, please follow the given next steps: 

  1. Unplug the battery and solar panel.
  2. Connect the PC to the station (USB Cable yellow circle) and put the jumper on the boot pins (red circle)     Make sure that there are not other USB cables connected to your PC. 
  3. Plug in the battery (blue circle).

    iMETOS 3.3 motherboard

    iMETOS ECO D3 motherboard

  4. The motherboard now starts in boot mode, Yellow LED in the middle is on (see red circle below). If the station is not in boot mode, press Reset button on the board (see yellow circle below). 
  5. Open the program Firmware uploader
  6. On "Select FW" sellect the correct FW for the station e.g:

  7. On “Device” select the correct device

  8. On "COM Port" Select the correct COM Port. If it is the only one device connected to your PC, COM port is detected automatically. 

  9. Click “Open Port”

  10. Click “Upload FW”

  11. After “Firmware successfully uploaded”, the board automatically restarts and starts communication with the server. Wait until the first communication ends.
  12. As soon as you see the message “Firmware successfully uploaded, you’re done. Please leave the battery connected for 24 hours. Connection with the server will be established after a while.Example for communication with the Server

  13. To leave the boot menu/boot mode click “Close Port” and remove the Boot jumper from the board.

  14. Remove the USB cable and press reset (RST yellow circle) on the board.

    Important note:
    The complete monitoring of the communication process should take place after each installation by connecting the PC to the iMetos. The installer should never leave the site without performing a sensor test and communication process log

To double check if the update of the serial number was successful follow the next given steps:
- Open the PI Service Terminal
- Connect the PC to the board via USB cable and connect the battery.
- Then click "Connect".
- Wait until the Main Menu appears or press "H"
- P
ress "1 SYSTEM" and then "1 QUICK VIEW"
- Now you see at "FW Version:" the actual version of your firmware 
- At "Serial number" you see your actual serial number.
- Press now on "Disconnect" and unplug the USB cable and the battery