To download Tera Term for Windows, click the Link below:

Select UK and download it.

You can also choose another version it depends on which server you want to use form Tera Term.

Open the teraterm......exe in your download area and start the process to install the program (double click)

Follow the instruction form Tera Term which guide you through the installation process

You do not have to change the standard setting from Tera Term.

After installing Tera Term open it an select following settings:

Select Setup 

then Serial port...

Select the COM (Port) used (1) see image below

Set the baud rate (Speed) to 19200 (2) see image below 
The correct baud rate is important for older versions than iMETOS 3

To save your setting
Select Setup

an then Save setup...

Save and overstore TERATERM

Now everything is ready to create a Log file.

For iOS another terminal program is required.