1 Choose a station with Crop/ Disease license activated. 

2 Click on the Disease model icon on the left side of FieldClimate. 

3 Choose the Disease model for the crop of interest.

4 Choose the time period to display the disease model. 14 to 30 days works best. 

5 Use the  ?  on the far right to provide a description of the models operation. 

• The Pea Asochyta Blight model is based on temperature, relative humidity and leaf wetness. It is a two step model,         with sporulation shown as 0 to 100%. Once 100% sporulation takes place, then a Infection process is initiated,                  which can vary between 0 to 100%. 

    • If 100% is reached, then optimal conditions for an infection has taken place and protective measures are required. 

    • Symptoms on the plants will display in the near future, weather dependent.