1 Choose a station with Crop/ Disease license activated. 

2 Click on the Disease model icon on the left side of FieldClimate. 

3 Choose the Disease model for the crop of interest.

4 Choose the time period to display the disease model. 14 to 30 days works best. 

5 Use the  ?  on the far right to provide a description of the models operation. 

• The potential for Late Blight appearance in the crop is predicted by accumulation of Disease Severity Values (DSV).         These values are based on field specific weather conditions that are conducive to pathogen development. 

• The duration of continuous periods of relative humidity of 90 percent or greater is tracked and the average                          temperature during these periods is calculated. DSV are assigned based on these measurements and calculations         and are accumulated: Ideal conditions lead to higher DSV for the day 

• First spray usually occurs between 15 to 20 accumulated DSV. Higher daily DSV values lead to a shorter spray                      interval, dry conditions longer spray interval