Choose a station with Crop/Disease license activated.

Click on the Disease model icon on the left side of FieldClimate.

3 Choose the Disease model for the crop of interest. 

Choose the time period to display the disease model. 14 to 30 days works best.

Use the  ?  on the far right to provide a description of the models operation.

• Conditions for grey leaf spot are highest when temperatures are between 22°C and 30°C, and when relative humidity is             equal to or greater than 90%. The risk range from 0 (no risk) to 100% (very high risk).

    • Synchrony of disease risk to crop to the growth stage V4 and V12 is very important. Use the growing degree day                         calculator in FieldClimate

    • If lesions have reached the ear leaf or higher during the two weeks before and after tasseling, significant yield loss could             occur if weather conditions are conducive

    • Symptoms on the plants will occur in future after 100% infection has occurred, weather dependent