Choose a station with Crop/Disease license activated.

Click on the Disease model icon on the left side of FieldClimate.


Choose the Disease model for the crop of interest.


Choose the time period to display the disease model. 14 to 30 days works best.

Use the  ?  on the far right to provide a description of the models operation.

• Four steps : Apothecia development, then sporulation and a Appressoria and/or Hydrolytic infection

    • When apothecia development reaches 100%, when a sporulation event takes place

    • Direct infection by an apothecia can result in a Appressoria infection

    • Hydrolytic infections occur more often since they require less relative humidity and leaf wetness

    • Symptoms on the plants will occur in the near future after 100% infection has occurred, weather dependent

    • Synchrony of disease risk to crop stage is extremely important.