Choose a station with Crop/Disease license activated.

Click on the Disease model icon on the left side of FieldClimate.

3 Choose the Disease model for the crop of interest.


Choose the time period to display the disease model. 14 to 60 days works best.


Use the ? on the far right to provide a description of the models operation.

• Model displays the general risk of botrytis cinerea. 

    • The fungus is spread by the wind and via water splashed from infected blossoms and foliage.

    • Botrytis cinerea model is based on temperature and leaf wetness periods.

    • Warm and extended periods of leaf wetness favor development and are risky periods 

    • Drier periods of no leaf wetness reduce the risk.

    • Three categories are given: High risk (60 – 100%), moderate (30 – 60%), and low risk (0 – 30%)