Choose a station with a Forecast license activated.


Click on the Forecast icon on the left side of FieldClimate.


Choose the type of Forecast to be displayed.

Detailed 3 or 7 day forecast, update hourly: temperature, precipitation amounts, probability and type, wind speed/gust and direction, leaf wetness, relative humidity, global radiation, sunshine, cloud cover.


5 Graphical 3 or 6 hour forecasts. 

6 14 Day forecast: temperature ranges and precipitation amounts.

Weather Maps: Satellite, Weather Radar, Clouds & Precipitation, Temperature, Wind Animation, Extreme Forecast.

8 History of weather extremes on field station and long term climate comparison from nearest govt. station.  

Included with each Weather Forecast is a set of Work Planning Tools:
Plant Nutrition, Field Accessibility, Tillage Ability, Sowing, Spraying & Harvest Window.


10 Use the   on the far right to provide a description of the Spraying Windows operation.