To Check the Signal Quality of your iMETOS 3.3 with the Terminal Program you need:

  • Notebook
  • Jumper (Jumper RM2,54)
  • USB to Mini USB cable
  • Station where you want to check the Signal quality
  • Battery from the station
  • PI Service Terminal program
    Link for PI Service Terminal download:
    PI Service Terminal
    For more information or help please read Download PI Service Terminal in our solutions.

Please follow these instructions:

Make sure there is !! NO JUMPER on the motherboard  !! 

Connect the PC and the motherboard (PCB) with the USB cable.

Start the PI Service terminal program.

Connect the battery at the station (LEDs start to flash).

On "Serial port" select the correct COM used (1) see image below.

The Baud rate is set automatically (2) see image below.

Then click "Connect" (3) see image below.

To see the Signal Quality

Put jumper on J1 at PCB

and go to 


and press

(3)     MODEM


(1) MODEM SETTINGS - Modem is now turning on

Wait until Modem process is finished and

then press


The Signal Quality Graph above is interpreted following:

RSSI is the Quatlity of the Signal (from 0-31)
RSSI: 31 = perfect Quality of the Signal

RSSI: 30-7 = Quality of the Signal is okay

RSSI : 6 and lower = bad Signal (no good condition for communication) 

BER means how often data packets have to be retransmitted - so 0 is the best

BER: 99 = not known or not detectable (this is no error just an information)

So the Example of Signal Quality Graph shown above is totaly okay.

 When the Signal Quality Graph shows >No signal detected < please search for an other location with better Signal for your station. 

To Check the Signal Quality of your iMETOS 3.3 with Field Climate you need:

  • Notebook
  • Field Climate Access

Go to Device Settings and then to Information.

In the red square you see the Signal strength in % - so 100% is best and 0% is the worst.

In this special case with 3% of Signal strength i would recommend to search for another location for the station with better Signal Quality