To change the the RADIO ACCESS TECHNOLOGY see the following steps:

  1. Start the PI Service terminal program. 
  2. Connect the PC and the motherboard (PCB) with the USB cable (yellow square below).
  3. Connect the battery to the main board (red square below)   
  4. Select the correct Serial Port an click on "Connect"
    If it is the only one device connected to your PC, COM port is detected automatically.  When connecting for the first time, the PC installs the driver for the board (internet connection of the PC required)

  5. Press H to open the MAIN MENU 

  6. To see the Radio Access Technology
  7. (P) Setup NBIoT module parameters (blue dart)
    Here you see the current Radio Access Technology (pink square)

    to change it 
  8. (8) RADIO ACCESS TECHNOLOGY (yellow dart) 
    now you can select your Radio Access Technology

  9. (1) NB1 
    or (2) CAT-M1
    or (3) GSM
  10. In this case we selected (1) NB1 (orange dart)
  11. New radio Access technology is now selected (red square)  - to return to MAIN MENU press ECS or press Disconnect and unplug the USB cable.
  12. Done with setting radio access technology.