To reset your Station via SMS you need:

  • SN of the Station
  • Phone Number of the SIM Card which is in the station
  • UID of the station
  • Mobile phone

To reset your station send following SMS to your station:

! Serial number 1 UID !

Make sure there is a space after !, Serial number, 1 and UID.

When the station made the reset it automatically sends an SMS back. In this case you know it worked.
When you don't receive an automatically generated SMS 24 hours after sending the reset please write a ticket to us.



How to get the SN, UID and Phone Number?

Field Climate

In Field Climate you can find your SN and UID Number in Device settings/Information

blue square is the serial number of the station and red square is the UID of the station

In case you don't know the phone number of your station please contact your provider and tell him the SIM ID (orange Square)