If your station does not send any data please test the following:

  1. Is the battery at the station plugged in?

  2. Has the battery more than 6,1V?

  3. Switch off the PIN query on the SIM card.

  4. Insert the SIM card in a mobile phone and make sure you can connect to the Internet 

  5. If you can connect to the internet with the SIM Card in your mobile phone but the station can't connect with the internet please contact us via creating a ticket.

  6. Give us the following information from the SIM card
    • Provider
    • MCC
    • MNC
    • APN
    • Username
    • Password
  7. If you do not have them please ask your provider for it.

  8. Then we can check if these settings are stored in the station or if they have to be sent to the station.
    If the settings are not saved we can send the correct settings via SMS to the Station.