iMETOS® 3.3 and iMETOS ECO have a set of 3 LEDs (Process LEDs) and an additional LED (Modem LED). The Process LEDs give information about the running processes, and the Modem LED indicates the operation of a modem (see picture below). 

When the battery is plugged to the board all three Process LEDs turn on for an instant. After this the GPRS connection with FieldClimate starts and the LEDs give information about the different stages of this process. 

Process LEDS and Modem LED on iMETOS 3.3 and iMETOS ECO

Modem LED:

Green LED: on, during the connection process to the GSM network, blinking slowly (short on and long off) when it is connected to the GSM network.

Red LED: it its not comunicating

Processor LEDs:
Green LED: indicates that USB cable is plugged (except when in boot mode – i.e. the jumper is plugged on BOOT pins)

Yellow LED: indicates one of the following:

1. In boot mode (jumper on BOOT): Pessl bootloader is installed 

2. in terminal mode (jumper on J1) the meaning of the LED is given on the screen of the terminal program in the PC3. 

3. in normal/scheduling mode (without any jumpers):

a) if the modem is on the blink code is:

  1. short on – long off: waiting for modem, network found, SIM card is active

  2. short on – short on – long off: connected to GSM

  3. short on – short on – short on – long off: connected to FieldClimate

  4. short on – short on – short on – short on – long off: data has been sent and commands from the server have been received.

b) If the modem is off: the measurement process is in progress, it will light a few seconds every 5 minutes.

Put all the attention in the yellow LED if you see the sequence of four blinks then you will know that the upload to the server has been successful, if the sequence is not completed the red LED aside will light the take note of the last blinking mode before to identify the error.

Red LED:
1. communication error (if modem is on)
2. serious system error (if modem is off)

In both cases you will need to connect the Motherboard to the PC and use PI Service Terminal to make the diagnostic and extract useful information to send a ticket.