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how to better advise the client with disease models

The argument of being able to help farmers track potential disease through a weather station is a significant argument of sale

now subscribe to a subscription gives you a list of different diseases but we can not always explain when you are not an agronomist

how to know if to treat and when?

Would it not be possible to create an SMS alert system? Is it indicating the risks?

thank for your reply

I have had growers in NZ request SMS alerts for disease models also.

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disease, it's very complicated when we are not an agronomist, and I am surprised to see that many farmers(EU) are following the neighbour, if he is spraying, I must do also 

In Asia, the situation is more complicated, the price  for a weather station is a hard negotiation  but if you can explain that it does not only forgive the temperature  but can help you for spray or not in case of disease 

farmers or corporate farm seem interested  

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